"Added $42,000 in Revenue (and counting) Using A Brand New System For Signing Estate Planning Clients..."

(We're Now Looking For Other Estate Planning & Trust Attorneys To Test This Out In Their Area For Free)

If You...

  • Want A Consistent Flow Of New Estate Planning And Trust Clients
  • ​​Want To Test Out A Brand New System That's Getting As Much As A 5 To 1 Return, Risk Free
  • ​​Are Open Minded And Willing To Learn And Follow A New System
  • ​​Have Good Online Reviews From Past Clients On Google Or Yelp, Etc (Average Above 4 Stars Minimum)
  • ​​Want To Have Exclusivity For Your Area With This New System (We Only Work With 1 Per Area)

P.S. this is NOT a sales call. 

We only work with firms that fit our criteria and will be using the time on this call to determine if your firm meets the requirements, showing why the system is working so well and to answer questions. If your firm meets the criteria, you can decide if you'd like to test it out for 30 days at no charge. 

If accepted, there are no long contracts and you (or we) can cancel at anytime.

** WARNING: We're offering this for a limited time and we only accept one firm per location. Once an area is taken, it is no longer available.**


Why are you offering this for Free?

2 reasons. 

#1 - This is a brand new system, and although it is working great, we want to make it even better. In order to do so, we're looking to roll it out in other markets around the U.S.. Those who fit our criteria to test out the system in their area will be helping us gain valuable feedback to create more innovation and ultimately better results in the future. A win-win for everyone involved. 

#2 - We know that you may have been burned by marketing agencies or "guru's" in the past (haven't we all? lol), so rather than making outrageous promises up front, we'd rather actually get you results before you pay us a dime. Our philosophy is that you should never have to pay for any of our services, rather the results of our system should pay for itself. 

If you're making a great return on your investment into this program, there's a good chance you'll happily stay with us. 

Are there any long contracts or obligations?


We believe in creating a long term relationship based on results, not on contracts or obligations.

If we're not getting you the results you want, you're free to move on. This not only makes it very low risk but also it forces us to innovate and continually improve our processes to provide the best possible results to you. It's a lot of pressure on us (but we like it that way, because it pushes us to get better each day)

Is it really free? Is there any cost my firm will have to cover?

We believe that our system can get you new clients within 30 days... so for the first 30 days we don't charge you a dime for our services. In fact, we spend  thousands of dollars in time, training and technology to build the entire system out for your firm, again, at no charge.

The only thing we ask is that you meet us halfway by covering your ad platform costs (this is the actual cost that google, facebook, bing, etc charges you to show the ads, not a marked up cost that marketing agencies typically charge). Based on your firm's size and capacity we'll work with you to figure out a comfortable budget for you. 

What makes this different than other client getting programs?

The estate planning engine is built specifically for estate planning and trust firms and is designed with a unique marketing style that gets your ideal clients to self-identify, and filters to the right type of prospect

Other agencies tend to send ppc click either straight to your main website or a poorly optimized conversion process that generates generic inquiries, lots of price shoppers, and unqualified requests for help. 

The estate planning engine is different than any other marketing system available for estate planning and trust attorneys.

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